Who are we?

Brakrock has found its spirits in the 90’s. It was a time when music styles like Grunge, punk rock , hip hop, alternative rock and even drum ‘n bass were all part of the same team. Our base was former Youth House “DenDaak” in Duffel, where we’ve learned to embrace chaos, being weird and the will/vibe to create in a positive and rad way.

Did you know that our merch castle was the front of many circle pits back in the 90’s. Some of you might remember “Foertival” festival, where some of you might have gotten drunk,… for the first time and saw bands playing like Unsure, Mintzkov, Gwyllions and Facedown from Lintfabriek next door. Many shows and awesome projects like Theaterwater later it was time for an unexpected chapter in the history of Castle Terelst. Brakrock would bring old times back in a new look and for many fun years to come!