Days N Daze

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Get ready for some “H – Town Thrassgrass”!  “Heum…what do you mean”?  Well…”HTT” can be described as folk-punk dabbling in crust punk and bluegrass, mixing in accordion, ukulele, trumpet and acoustic elements into a perfect mix.


We couldn’t think about a better band to do this than DAYS N DAZE!  No doubt they’ll fire up the place with a kick ass show.

Prick your ears and get ready to sing along with songs as “Goodbye Lulu” which refers to history’s lamest street kid, “Post Party Depression”, whose title belies a defiant hopefulness and of course their hit “Misanthropic Drunken Loner”. No doubt they’ll bring some NOFX covers to the party spot as well.

DAYS N DAZE demonstrates a keen appreciation for the messy spectrum of human interaction with songs dealing in terrorism, gang violence, environmental issues, parties, “how the fuck did we end up in jail” issues,…

Some other nice stuff to mention is that DND featured on Left Over Crack’s latest album “Constructs Of The State” and was honored to be awarded best Punk Act in 2015 by The Houston Press.

It’s more DIT—’Do It Together’—instead of do it yourself,” explains Flynn. “The way we function with Days N’ Daze, everyone we go on tour with, everyone we work with, everyone who does merch or art, we’re not paying strangers. We’re not doing this with people we don’t know. We’re doing this with people we trust, and I think that mentality makes you go further in life than just being like, ‘No, I have to do this myself,’ or, ‘No, I’m just going to pay everyone to do it for me.

For certain, without other people, Days N’ Daze wouldn’t have anything to sing about. And, sure, in the big cosmic scheme of things, you can say the same about every other band, ever”