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Longboarding is a very fun, unique and awesome way to discover the world! We tried to make the best of this shitty “Covid situation “and decided to discover the northern part of Belgium with our longboard. A good bag, lightweight camping equipment and a good mindset. No more was needed to start this lil crazy adventure. Before we know we had 800 km on the clock. Time flies when having fun!

Go discover 800 km of long boarding fun in our travel guide. All info below in Dutch, because it’s written in Dutch.

Ontdek de wereld op een nieuwe manier, namelijk met het longboard! Surf op asfalt  en  maak in dit eerste deel kennis met de mooiste plekken in Vlaanderen.  13 trips laten je op een speelse en leuke manier kennismaken met een gevarieerd landschap vol verrassingen! 

The travel guide will be released at the end of 2020.


Are you the best skater in town? Come and show your skills at our fun contest at Brakrock. Join us on this 5 km longboard ride along the river and on the dikes. Bonus: free drinks and prices for all contesters.

All you need is an entrance ticket for Brakrock 2021 on Saturday 07/08/21.

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