20/10/2022 – Bad Cop/Bad Cop – March – Three Eyed Jack

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Entrance ticket: 20/10/2022

Kavka – Oudaan 14 – 2000 Antwerp

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Bad Cop / Bad Cop (Fat Wreck Chords…)
Expect pop inflected punk, vocal harmonies with strength, connectedness and positivity reflecting through their music.
It’s been a hectic couple of years since Los Angeles punk quartet Bad Cop/Bad Cop dropped their debut full-length, Not Sorry and their second album, Warriors that’s out on Fat Wreck Chords. Warriors is an album that manages to be both fun and thoughtful. There’s a good reason for this. Many of the album’s most cathartic, aggressive moments come from the mind of co-vocalist Stacey Dee, who after being at rock bottom has come out stronger than ever. She was able to expand her horizons, writing songs as poignant as “Victoria” (about a friend’s child who committed suicide) and “Womanarchist”. They are among the first out of the gate in the punk rock Trump era and have set the bar incredibly high! CHEERS!

Aptly described as ‘Brody Dalle and John Coffey forming an EpiFat band’, MARCH takes bits from rock and punk to give their songs a raw edge, a catchy twist and a positive message. This Dutch/Belgian quartet’s goal: making you go harder, drive faster and shake the dust off your bones, all while painting a huge smile on your face. Combining singer Fleur’s raw voice with an overload of crispy guitar riffs and a high octane rhythm section, MARCH delivers the most intense live show this side of The Bronx. With +150 shows under their belt, the formation has become a well-oiled live machine that thrives on stage.

Three Eyed Jack
Three Eyed Jack are a skate punk/pop punk quartet from Oostkamp in Belgium. Think mid nineties skate punk meets late nineties pop punk, FFO No Use For A Name, MxPx, Good Riddance etc.
Their first release was a 10 track demo in 2011 and they followed it up with an album in 2015 titled “Always In For Happy Days”!
Let’s put on (y)our dancing shoes, drink some beer, hang and have fun. Simple as that!!!
Bandcamp: https://threeeyedjackpunk.bandcamp.com/album/refill