05/08/2022 – 07/08/2022 – Camper Brak

15,00 includes VAT, booking fee, transaction cost

New (closer) location

Camper Brak is the official campersite of Brakrock

Camper ticket: Friday 05/08/2022 until Sunday 07/08/2022

Address: Kruisstraat 74, Duffel

A Campers ticket gives you entrance to the camping with a camper. 

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New (closer) location – Kruisstraat 74, Duffel

A camper ticket is valid from Friday 05/08/22 until Sunday 07/08/22. The price of a camper ticket is max. 15 euro (reservation and transaction cost included).

Purchased tickets (2020 and 2021) remain valid for the new 2022 date. You don’t need to do anything for it. Another option is to give you a voucher that you can use for any of our future events.

Price per person

Info: www.brakrock.be | Questions: info@brakshop.com

Camper Brak

Camper Brak is the official campsite of Brakrock for campers and super exclusive / small.  It’s only accessible for campers, no cars.

It’s situated in the heart of the countryside and not too far from the festival ground. The surroundings are very attractive with good cycling and walking opportunities with plenty of relaxation.

The campersite is  basic, but no less enjoyable. We offer great comfort and free facilities within walking distance of the festival. There are washing facilities but no electricity.

The camper camping is only accessible for campers, so no cars or campers allowed.

Info about a campers camping will reach you soon.


Please park the camper at the area at the entrance zone.

It’s only a short walk (8minutes) from camping to festival. You just need to follow the road signs.

Do we need to take care

Please be respectful for the property, nature and the neighbours. It’s really important.

Please put your garbage in the trash bags.



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